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Unique Uses for Scaffolding Services in Hammersmith

From domestic renovations to commercial building work, scaffolding is used for a variety of reasons throughout the world. It has always been an indispensable tool for the construction industry, as it provides a safe and stable platform to work from. However, it also has its uses for more unique projects, in areas such as advertising, art and retail. At L.E.K. Scaffolding Ltd, our dedicated scaffolding contractors offer scaffolding services in Hammersmith to meet any need.


Based in Mitcham, we are one of the most well-known scaffolding companies in the local area and deliver bespoke scaffold designs tailored to each client. Whether you require temporary roofs for a construction site or scaffolding for an art installation, our professional team can handle any job. On this page, we’re looking at some of the more unique uses for scaffolding.


What can Scaffolding be Used For?


Scaffolding, also known as scaffold or staging, is a temporary structure generally used to support work crews and structures. In Hammersmith and the rest of the UK, scaffolding companies generally construct scaffolding using lightweight steel or aluminium tubes, couplers and wooden boards. These components are used to create strong frameworks and can be adapted to form anything from seating and stages, to ski ramps and art installations.


Some of the most unique uses for scaffolding include:


Event Seating


For events such as sport competitions and concerts in Hammersmith and London, temporary seating is required to hold multiple spectators for any length of time. Our scaffolding contractors build heavy-duty seating structures to support numerous people. Temporary roofs are also popular for events, to provide protection from the elements.




Scaffolding services are also popular for use in the advertising industry, to display large advertising posters on buildings or free-standing structures. Having an advertisement attached on scaffold is ideal for making it more visible to a wide audience.




Unique and quirky upcycled furniture has been growing in popularity in Hammersmith and the rest of the UK in recent years. Some creatives are even turning to scaffolding companies to purchase steel pipes or wooden boards for their projects, which can be turned into anything from shelving units to tables.


Art Projects


Scaffolding services are also popular for private and commercial art projects. Scaffold can be used in or to support art installations, as well as used as platforms for artists to work from. Our scaffolding contractors are happy to supply, erect and dismantle scaffolding or temporary roofs, for art projects in and around the Hammersmith area.


Benefits of Hiring Scaffolding Companies


  • No matter the size or type of the project, our scaffolding contractors will be able to produce a bespoke scaffold design tailored to your exact requirements
  • Scaffolding services can be a cost-effective way to help you complete a domestic or commercial project quickly, saving money on labour and equipment hire costs
  • Safety is a key priority to scaffolding companies such as L.E.K. Scaffolding Ltd in Hammersmith, helping to avoid accidents and injuries on sites
  • Scaffolding is incredibly versatile and can be used for a number of unique applications, such as for retail displays, events and advertising
  • Scaffold contractors are equipped with a range of helpful materials and tools, from temporary roofs and rubbish chutes to hoists and hand rails

Do you need scaffolding for a domestic or commercial project in Hammersmith? Call us now on 020 3601 8787 for scaffolding services and temporary roofs.

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