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Scaffolding Contractors in Redhill | Specialist Builds for Private Customers and Companies

From domestic renovation work to commercial builds, people use scaffolding for a variety of reasons. It is indispensable in the construction industry because it provides a safe and stable work platform. Scaffolding also has uses on unique projects, particularly in advertising, art and retail. We have scaffolding contractors covering Redhill with a complete range of traditional and specialist services.


Located in Mitcham, we are one of the best-known scaffolding companies to cover the South of England. We can provide you with bespoke scaffolding services tailored to your needs. Whether you require one of our temporary roofs to protect a property during a refurbishment, or scaffolding as part of a project, our contractors can handle any type of job.


On this page, we look at some of the more unique uses for scaffolding and our wider selection of services.


Scaffolding, also known simply as a scaffold or staging, is a temporary structure used to support properties or to provide a work platform. In Redhill, and across the rest of the UK, scaffolding companies build towers using steel or lightweight aluminium tubes, wooden boards and couplers. These components create strong a framework which we adapt to create anything from seating and stages, to ski ramps and art.


Some of the most unique uses for scaffolding include:


Event Seating


During outdoor events, sport competitions and other gatherings in the Redhill and Surrey areas, temporary seating can hold multiple spectators. Our scaffolding contractors build structures to accommodate anything from a few dozen people to, quite literally, thousands. You may have seen scaffolds of this type during football matches or golf competitions on TV.


Temporary roofs also make outdoor events more comfortable for spectators because they offer protection from the elements.




Scaffolding services also play an important role in the field of advertising. People use scaffolds to create large displays on the sides of buildings, or as freestanding structures. An advertisement, attached to a scaffold and positioned in a prominent position, becomes more visible to a wider audience. This can increase public interest in products and services.


Others use scaffolding companies and contractors to build towers which advertise upcoming events and festivals.




Quirky upcycled furniture has enjoyed a growth in popularity across Redhill and the rest of the UK over recent years. Some creative types have even turned to scaffolding contractors to have tubes and boards supplied for their projects. With a little flair, users can have scaffolding turned into anything from storage to shelves. Your imagination is the only limit.


Scaffolding tends to work best as furniture for large pieces, but small tubes cut to size can offer some design flexibility.




Scaffolding services are popular for art projects and some customers use our materials in their displays. A scaffold can also act as a platform for the artist to work from. Our scaffolding contractors can supply, construct and dismantle scaffolding or temporary roofs. We have already contributed to numerous art projects in the Redhill, London and Surrey areas.


Scaffolding art has a sizeable number of followers and there are now social media pages dedicated to this particular form.

Scaffolding companies can bring a wide range of benefits to your job or your creative project:


  • No matter what size or which type of project you have on the go, our scaffolding contractors can produce a bespoke design tailored to your exact needs and requirements.
  • Scaffolding services are a cost-effective means for our customers to complete domestic or commercial projects safely while saving money on labour and equipment hire.
  • Safety is always a key priority for scaffolding companies such as LEK Scaffolding Ltd. Scaffolds minimise accident risks and the potential for injuries at sites in Redhill.
  • Scaffolding is incredibly versatile and suitable for many unique applications, such as retail displays, event advertising, temporary stadium seating and much more.
  • Scaffold contractors train in a full range of systems. We cover everything from suspended and cantilever scaffolds, to temporary roofs, rubbish chutes, hoists and handrails.

For scaffolding services and temporary roofs in Redhill, call LEK on 020 3601 8787.

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