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LEK Scaffolding Ltd, located in Mitcham, is one of the most highly regarded scaffolding companies to cover South London and Surrey. Reigate is a key service area for our scaffolding contractors. We offer a full design, supply and installation service, meeting the needs of our customers and clients on many different levels. Safety is always our main focus. This explains why we invest so heavily into the right equipment.


From suspended, birdcage and cantilever towers, to temporary roofs and seating, our scaffolding services cover it all.

Here, we look at some of the equipment that scaffolding companies and contractors use on a daily basis. You might already be familiar with some of it, but we have a flexible approach to business. No matter how complex the needs of our Reigate customers might be, we have the resources needed to handle them in a timely, professional manner.


Scaffolding Tubes


Scaffolding contractors normally use tubes made from steel, although aluminium is a popular alternative for towers that need to be more lightweight in design. Tubes come in a range of sizes up to 21 feet in length, but we often have to cut them down to size for specialist projects. We will usually use standard tubes on work platforms and for temporary roofs.


All tubes used for the delivery of our scaffolding services in Reigate meet current British and European safety standards.


Scaffolding Boards


Scaffolding companies also use boards, which we fix onto tubes with couplers to create a stable work platform for users and tradesmen. Boards usually come in lengths of up to 13m and must comply with BS 2482:2009 standards. Made from strong timber and sourced through sustainable forestry, our scaffold boards have a range of domestic and commercial applications.


Some of our customers in the Reigate area have their own uses for boards and many make raised garden planters with them.


Roofing Sheets


Used by scaffolding contractors to build temporary roofs, our sheets come in tin, zinc or corrugated iron. A temporary roof is a covering that sits over a property during a renovation or refurbishment project, usually to protect the interior from rain and wind after tradesmen have removed the main roof. Some sheets come as part of a branded system for bespoke fitting.

Like all reputable scaffolding companies in the Reigate area, we can construct temporary roofs on an emergency basis.


Scaffold Trestles


Some of our customers come from the private sector and most will use us to undertake property maintenance work themselves. Our scaffolding services include the supply of trestles, which offer a handy solution for low-level work at height. Because the risk of injury tends to be much lower with less falling distance, anybody can use a trestle and edge protection setup.


Only qualified scaffolding contractors in Reigate should use a traditional tube, board and coupler staging system.

For scaffolding services and temporary roofs in Reigate, call LEK on 020 3601 8787.

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